Mark A. Stellmack

I am the instructor/coordinator for PSY 3001W (Introduction to Research Methods).  The course is required for Psychology Majors and Minors.

I have published work in the areas of auditory perception, teaching techniques, and a smattering of other topics.

I am the Editor of Sentience, our online journal for undergraduate research in Psychology at the University of Minnesota.  You can check out the journal at




Rubrics for Grading APA-Style Papers

The Word-format documents below are the grading rubrics that we currently use to grade APA-style writing in our Introduction to Research Methods class.  We have rubrics for the Introduction, Method, Results & Discussion, and a complete paper.  The Introduction rubric is a minor revision of the rubric developed and described in:  Stellmack, Konheim-Kalkstein, Manor, Massey, and Schmitz (2009), An assessment of reliability and validity of a rubric for APA-style introductions, Teaching of Psychology, 36, 102-107.  Feel free to email me ( if you have questions or comments.

File introduction_rubric.docx

File method_rubric.docx

File randd_rubric.docx

File final_paper_rubric.docx




The RCMDR Guide

A Guide to Data Analysis in R Commander, by Viann Nguyen-Feng and Mark A. Stellmack.  This is a brief guide to R Commander, a point-and-click interface to the R programming language that is comparable in functionality to SPSS.  This guide provides instructions for downloading and installing R Commander and for performing statistical analyses that are likely to be required in a typical research methods class.  It is written at a level that is suitable for those who have completed an introductory statistics course.

If you use our guide, please drop us a line and let us know (  If we find that a lot of people are making use of it, we will have more motivation to keep it up to date.  We also appreciate any feedback on its content that you have to offer.